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Plum Eterle Women Splitboard Binding

Plum Eterlou Women Splitboard Bindung 23/24
Plum Eterlou Women Splitboard Bindung 23/24
Plum Eterlou Women Splitboard Bindung 23/24
Plum Eterlou Women Splitboard Bindung 23/24
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€513.97 * €734.24 * (30% Saved)
Content: 1 Pair

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The original Plum splitboard binding for women. The Plum principle is one of the best mechanical... more
Product information "Plum Eterle Women Splitboard Binding"

The original Plum splitboard binding for women.
The Plum principle is one of the best mechanical splitboard bindings on the market.

20 seconds, that's all the time it takes you to go from walk to ride mode. The basics of the Plum are the user-friendly locking component, the ski equipment ( fixation in walk mode ), the centred underfoot clip and the unique locking system. The positions of the locking lever (open / closed) are better indicated to ensure even easier use.

Available in S ( up to size 41 EU), easy adjustment and large heel cup guarantee perfect fit to your boots.

  • CNC machined aluminium 7075 T6
  • Angle adjustment +35°/-35
  • Slotted holes allow for a variety of stance options.
  • The Tourmode axle is made of bronze alloy with Teflon coating, guaranteeing a round ascent feel and durability.
  • The pivot point is perfectly placed so that even tall splitboarders have enough freedom of movement.
  • Double climbing aid
  • Heel-Lock
  • Straps and highbacks are from the Salomon Quantum
  • 3 highback settings: one for the ascent and two for the descent
  • Quick and comfortable conversion from split to ride mode
  • The binding pulls the board halves together - better torsional stiffness and solid board feel.

Scope of delivery (the binding is complete with all accessories) without crampons:

  • Climbing aids 2-fold
  • Heel arritation (the binding can be arritated in ski mode)
  • Bearing shaft in ascent mode (smoother running without resistance)



Interface compl.
 1.39 kg size:SM  0,49 KG   mechanic.   99 €


 nec. Equipment
Heel Locker Solid
 699 €  ✖ all incl.   ✓ 0 € incl.  ✓ 114 €
⚒⛄ ☄↝ Crampons
 ✪✪✪  ✪✪✪  hard / direct   loose


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Construction method / weight: normally
Rebuilding technology: without split pin / mechanically
Crampon mode: not fixes on binding
Binding-size: S ( EU Gr. 38 - 41 )
Sex: Women
Construction: Freeride-Direct
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PLUM Bindungen schneiden/zerteilen den Schnee mit der Hebelmechanik | © splitboards europe all pictures 

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Plum binding for women!

Simon has been running with splitboards for more than 15 years now and recognizes even small details at conditions fast - jeodch at the Plum was initially deceived. When his partner Volker showed the first pictures of the Plum System about 4-5 years ago, he was not particularly impressed. On the contrary, what Simon saw this was rather filigree and therefore rather prone.

About Rossignol, we were again aware of the Plum principle and it is thanks to the efficient salesman Tobi, which we assumed a test binding for the season 13/14. The first basic settings were still somewhat complicated and the instructions at that time a bit poor - but one could already make a rhyme on it. The first descents and the first conversion then brought the breakthrough. There are trifles in total, which make the plum principle so "round". The power transmission is very direct, the binding in the flex rather hard and the boat is top in it. All the guides from our team have been going for 2 winters with the Plum and we can only praise despite the hard use (a season with me corresponds approximately 5 - 10 winter in normal customer service). The conversion is simply fluid, somewhat faster than with a puck and the mechanics works flawlessly in all snow types and now also for women!

For which binding one decides finally, the remains as always taste.


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