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Burton Hometown Hero Splitboard 20/21

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Find yourself some steep chutes and stacked pillow lines to take flight with our hardest... more
Product information "Burton Hometown Hero Splitboard 20/21"

Find yourself some steep chutes and stacked pillow lines to take flight with our hardest charging, deepest diving splitboard.

When our shapers split the Burton Hometown Hero, they took a natural terrain slayer and set it loose into the backcountry habitat. All its free-ranging attributes – including a floaty, directional shape mixed with the comfort of a twin feel when cruising on a flat base – translate to unrestricted freedom in pillow stacks, cliff drops, and deep, untracked pow. Not quite as bold and aggressive as the Dump Truck Split, it thrives as a freestyle-inspired utility knife for fully featured, skintrack-accessed terrain. Now offered in 146cm and 168cm sizes.


  • Bend: Directional Camber
  • SHAPE: Directional [10MM Taper]
  • FLEX: Directional
  • CORE: FSC™ Certified Super Fly II™ 700G Splitboard Core with Squeezebox
  • FIBERGLASS: Triax™
  • BASE: Sintered WFO
  • EXTRAS: Balanced Freeride Geometry, Super Sap® Epoxy, Pro-Tip™, Infinite Ride™, and Split Channel Pre-Mounted with Channel-Compatible Pucks
  • Rides Best with The Classic and Hitchhiker Bindings and Burton’s G3 High Traction Climbing Skins
  • Additional Interface Hardware Sold Separately Through www.voile-usa.com
  • ARTIST: Jonathan Zawada [www.zawada.com.au]
  • Graphic Story: Step into the digital jungle with LA-based artist Jonathan Zawada’s colorfully pixelated take on tropical plant life – a dark yet playful graphic, perfect for the ultra-expressive Flight Attendant.


Length: 146, 158, 162, 154, 168, 150
Processing + construction: Industrially, Wood / fiber glass
The compatible bindings: Spark R&D, SP United, Voile-USA Light Rail, Voile-USA Speed Rail, Burton/Spark Hitchhiker
Shape + Flex: All Mountain, well-balanced
Lengths + wide division: < 150cm, 150cm - 160cm, 161cm - 168cm, ~ 260mm = normal
Construction method / weight: normally
Sex: Unisex
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Customer evaluation for "Burton Hometown Hero Splitboard 20/21"
25 Jan 2020

Great board all around!

I'm not the most expert snowboarder or splitboarder, but used this board for a whole week and didn't find any negative aspects about it. Climbs well without being extra heavy, and rides on powder well without noticing any major difference to my normal snowboard. Cool and fun board all-around that I would buy without any doubt!

5 Mar 2018

super board. flow im powder und gripp auf der piste

ist mein erstes splitboard und ich bin extrem positiv überrascht. das es im powder schön oben auffährt hatte ich erwartet, da dort ja keinen grossen verwindungskräfte wirken. das es aber auch auf der piste guten grip hat und keinen unterschied zum nicht-splitboard zeigt ist cool.
auf brettharter piste vibriert die nose ganz ordentlich, was sich aber nicht negativ auswirkt. jnach jumps butterweich in der landung.
im weichen tiefschnee merkt man beim aufstieg, dass das brett sehr weich ist und der druckpunkt ziemlich mittig. deshalb brauche ich bei traversen schnell harscheisen wo ski noch prima weitermarschieren.
insgesamt ein geiles brett. wrde ich genau so wieder kaufen.

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Gewichtsbereich 115–150 lbs/52–68 kg 125–165 lbs/57–75 kg  xx 145–185 lbs/66–84 kg 165–205 lbs/75–93 kg 175–215 lbs/79–98 kg
Lauflänge 1050 mm 1100 mm  xx 1140 mm 1190 mm 1235 mm
Boardbreite 241 mm 245 mm  xx 252 mm 256 mm 260 mm
Taillierungstiefe 20,2 mm 21,1 mm  xx 21,5 mm 22,4 mm 23,2 mm
Taillierungsradius 6,8 m 7,2 m  xx 7,6 m 7,9 m 8,2 m
Bindungsabstand 530 mm 530 mm  xx 560 mm 560 mm 560 mm
Breite Nose 287,3 mm 293,2 mm  xx 299,9 mm 305,8 mm 311,5 mm
Breite Tail 275,3 mm 281,2 mm  xx 289,9 mm 295,8 mm 301,5 mm
Effektive Kante 1095 mm 1145 mm  xx 1200 mm 1250 mm 1295 mm
Bindungsposition -35 -35  xx -35 -35 -35
Bindungsgrößen XS/S XS/S XS/S M/L M/L M/L

10 mm Taper

A sloped shape means that the nose is wider than the tail, which favors smooth cornering in and out, stability at higher speeds, and better hovering in deep snow. Look at the different amounts of taper across the board.



Directional Shape

The classic snowboard shape was designed to ride with a slightly longer nose than tail, which concentrates the pop in the tail while still having enough float, flow and control to handle any terrain in any conditions.


Directional Camber 

The rocker at the start lifts the nose, while the camber under both speeds maintains the momentum and stability under deep snow curves and a wide variety of conditions.




Stronger and lighter wood in certain areas of the core provides pop, strength and lighter weight.



Versatile flex and response for everything from mini- to mega-shreds.


With a specially formulated wax that penetrates deep into the pores of this extra-absorbent, high-density sintering material, providing an ultra-robust base throughout the season and in all conditions.


Be quiet with your splitboarding attitude and do the fine-tuning throughout the season. With the Split Channel you get the strongest, fastest, easiest and most flexible mounting system ever offered for a splitboard. The days of compromise are finally over. All Burton Splitboards with the Split Channel are supplied with pre-assembled discs for easy adjustment.


Profiled core for easier board control, more power and pop.

Our most versatile Squeezebox profile improves pop and performance by balancing thicker, tougher sections with dimmer, more flexible sections in the core. The rider's energy is transferred outwards from below his feet, activating the tip and tail and making the board more energetic, stable and easier to control.


This ultra-light carbon backbone increases pop and bite length.


Twin or Directional is the eternally old question for creative rippers like Terje. Balanced Freeride Geometry, available with Landlord, Landlord Split, Flight Attendant, NEW Gate Keeper, High Spirits and Anti-Social, concludes this debate with a setback camber and a waist tailored to your stance to create a twin freestyle feeling when you ride on a flat base. On the edge, it turns sharply and agilely, with the float and the ability expected from a Directional Deck.


A hyper-clear co-polyester material made from renewable raw materials.


A reduced tip and tail thickness reduces the swing weight for easier movement.


Super Sap® is a biologically produced resin that reduces the carbon balance of conventional earth-based epoxy resins by 50%. Less earth&oil consumption means a better carbon balance per board and we like that.


This Burton exclusive technology allows us to maximize pop and power by building over the board and then plugging it into a machine that incorporates the board for you. Whether you choose Springloaded, Rocker or Camber, you can be sure that your board with Infinite Ride™ will retain its flex, pop and feel from day one, season after season.



Hometown continues the success of the assassins...

Burton is an early split-board builder. Burton even had his own binding system - but neither the technology nor the market was ready for it. Then there was a phase when Burton's splitboard ambitions "dumbed down". Since 2017 the tide has turned again. With the Attendant and the Attendant X the new era was started. This success will be expanded in 20/21 with 4 NEW Splitboard Shape.

Attendant was more than a worthy successor to the aging Landlord. He always had the charm of being very soft and for many people too soft. The Attendant put an end to this. The Felx is just right again and also at the "Piste Ballern" it has a high running smoothness. I love to ride it and it is exactly what you expect from a freeride shape. It also has enough buoyancy! The Hometown Heros follow in these footsteps.

A thoroughly great shape that will never let you down.

Very praiseworthy that it is also available in many lengths, so everyone can find exactly his Hometown Hero.





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