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mr.splitboards high mountain shape

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The name says it all. At the "HIGH MOUNTAIN SPLITBOARD" Simon developed a whole season at... more
Product information "mr.splitboards high mountain shape"

The name says it all. At the "HIGH MOUNTAIN SPLITBOARD" Simon developed a whole season at different locations. From the European Alps to the mountains of Kyrgyzstan. It is for splitboarders with the highest demands. This Shape is inspired by the outstanding characteristics of several manufacturers, which were meaningfully and carefully weighed and best possible united.

Driving fun:
The driving fun is a mixture of the famous and successful Prior BC Shape and the Prior Khyber Shape. It brings the extra portion of power and pressure into the turns, with additional energy and even more speed at maximum smoothness. By the way, but super important: fatigue-free driving, especially for the rear leg. He also cuts a good figure on the pistes and invites you to carve.

Ascent properties:
The flex and radius have been carefully selected. During the ascent, the long but moderate sidecut ensures sure-footedness and effectiveness to get the mountains up again: safe edge grip even in harder ascent tracks is the desired side effect. The PLUM company's most powerful split boards on the market served as role models.

Weight is not everything, but it definitely increases your performance if you save it. Therefore only the lightest and best materials available to Prior will be used. The benchmark for lightweight construction is very high, because the world's lightest splitboards from AMPLID served as a model.

Produced and developed by/with PRIOR in Canada. The time was ripe to perfect his own ideas with the noble blacksmith PRIOR.



  • Type: High Mountain
  • Lengths: 165
  • Profile: Camrocker
  • Shape: Directional
  • Lamination: Triaxial XTC Carbon
  • Verctical Laminated: light Aspen/Maple Core
  • High Performance Epoxy Resin
  • Base: 4001 Sintered DurasurfTM Base Die Cut
  • Flex: Medium-Stiff
  • Finish: Matt
  • Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Scope of supply: complete with Voile Hooks and Spark Tip and Tail Clips


Since the season 16/17 Simon develops and sells his own Shape, which is based on an existing one.
With this High Mountain Shape, a completely new shape was created from scratch - combining the experience and elements of over 20 years of splitboarding.

The design of all mr.splitboards shapes is part of the success and 20 year history of Simon and the splitboards. On the deck you can see the contour lines of the most beautiful mountain in the Montafon, the Valschavieler Maderer 2.769m. He is right on the doorstep of the Test and Camp Base www.huettle.at and is also called the King of the Montafon. After the 2nd attempt in 2008, Simon managed to climb this peak on the summer route and to ski on the splitboard on the ski touring routes.

All further information under: EXPERT TIPP.


 © splitboards europe | rider: mr.splitboards| location: Kirgistan

The compatible bindings: Spark R&D, SP United, Karakoram, Rossignol/Plum, Voile-USA Light Rail, Voile-USA Speed Rail, Burton/Spark Hitchhiker, Union
Processing + construction: Handmade, Wood / Carbon
Lengths + wide division: 161cm - 168cm, ~ 260mm = normal
Shape + Flex: Big Mounatin, well-balanced
Sex: Men
Construction method / weight: super light weight
Length: 165
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Our comment on "mr.splitboards high mountain shape"
mr.splitboards shapes, are splitboards developed by Simon Graf, founder and owner of Splitboards Europe. Simon has well-known manufacturers produce what he and his customers like best. He takes his inspiration and ideas from 20 years of distribution of splitboards with big and small manufacturers. For these splitboards, existing shapes are modified or completely new shapes are created. The 2019/2020 season sees the launch of 3 models for the first time.
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Technical Parameters

Size (cm)

Tip Width (mm)

Waist Width (mm)

Tail Width (mm)

Running Length (mm)

Sidecut Radius (m)

Setback (mm)

Middle Stance (mm)

165 305 259,8 294,8 1243 9,67 80 457-660


CORE Material

Our four-axis glass-carbon composite is a sewn fabric with fibers running in four directions +30, -30, -30, 0 and +90 degrees and two 6 cm wide, 10-times carbon stringers running from tip to tip. The quad glass is covered on each side with vertically laminated maple or aspen wood cores in combination with UHMW side walls, sintered bottom and nylon plates. This quadruple glass configuration provides a responsive, durable ride with excellent torsional stability. The additional Directionla fabric provides increased torsional stiffness compared to the triaxial fiberglass construction.

XTC Carbon Construction is available as an upgrade to all splitboard models and saves an average of 600 grams per pair.
Weight reduction is still a key to success in the backcountry as less weight means more performance.
Prior's XTC Carbon Construction pushes the limits of weight saving and performance. For the High Mountain comes a special one,
newly developed core with Ceadar Strips.



Voile Hooks:

I deliberately chose the Voile Hooks. The last few years have shown that many new ideas on the market look good at first sight or can even do more than the Voile Hooks. Practice has shown that both in Umabu and in durability, the Voile Hooks are still the best. And there's the advantage that you can collapse it. Which I haven't done in years anyway. Especially the Karakoram Ultra Clips, are very fragile, get loose all the time and even expensive. At this point of the splitboard, the power of the hooks is completely sufficient to pull the two halves together.



Spark Tipp & Tail Clips:

for the clips, I chose the new ones from Spark. These have the great advantage that they "stretch" themselves again and again and thus cannot become loose. This was a disadvantage with the Voile Clips. In addition they are only screwed and not riveted, because also the riveting is more complex, if the clips must be renewed times.







mr.splitboards high mountain shape

It all started with Pathron Splitboards. The contact to Pathron Splitboards was established through the participation of the snowboard manufacturer in our Climb the Mountain. Of course, we were more than sceptical about what was behind it. To save budget, the guys from Pathron only let their splitboards participate in the CTM and we took over the rental for the Testival. At our Splitboard Testival CTM every splitboard brand can participate and present itself that wants to. This open / liberal attitude is very important to us. Therefore you will also find products at the CTM which we do not sell.

Based on a Pathron shape, I developed my first own splitboard. This first one gave me a lot of knowledge and further details in splitboard construction. Since Pathron wants to go into production in Asia in the future, it was time to part.



For quite some time I had had a completely new shape in mind, the idea for High Mountain was born. As a partner I searched with one of the most successful handmade producers worldwide: PRIOR

With Dominic, the Head of Production and Design of Prior, we truffled one season and many samples for the perfect set-up. Some participants served as testers as did my team. At the end of May 2019 the last samples came and had to prove themselves - which luckily they did.

NEW 2019/2020


mr.splitboards - Simon - produces his own shapes at PRIOR


With my shape and other good ideas, I turned to PRIOR in Canada. Together with the shaper Dominic from PRIOR we have perfected the shape throughout the season and can proudly present a completely NEW series in 19/20.



With the Splitboards Europe motorhome testing at the Stubai Glacier, with Stephan.



© splitboards europe | riders: CTM 2018 | location: Sivretta

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