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Step ONE

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Content: 1 Pair

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The first step, the first important centimeter of climbing aid. If you are on a ski tour a... more
Product information "Step ONE"

The first step, the first important centimeter of climbing aid.

If you are on a ski tour a lot, then you get used to an ascent style in which the climbing aid is only used sparingly.

Not taking a climbing aid is good for the joints and gives better support in the ascent. But even if you have not "activated" a climbing aid, you are already approx. one centimetre taller due to the design;
normally consisting of the binding counterpart on the splitboard ski. This first centimetre is not really noticed because it seems so small. In fact, it's important,
because without this first centimeter, walking is noticeably harder.
The UNION binding is a super splitboard binding, as it is the only one with a plastic body that can give a 100% snowboard binding feeling.
In its basic configuration, the UNION has a well thought-out, wide plastic bracket as a climbing aid. This is designed in such a way that it does not require a component or binding counterpart on the splitboard ski in the heel area.
As a result, the first important centimetre is omitted.
So you actually walk without any elevation or climbing aid. Step ONE closes this gap.
With the help of Step ONE you have automatically adjusted the important first centimetre from the first step. If it gets steeper, you can accept the UNION climbing aid.
The UNION binding's built-in climbing aid bracket has a perfect height for steeper terrain. You don't need more climbing assistance for an ergonomic ascent.

Scope of delivery: 1 pair Step ONE incl. screws

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26 Jan 2021


Extrem gut. Seitdem ich das draufhab brauche ich die normale Steighilfe nur noch wenn es wirklich steil wird. Top Produkt!!

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Experten Tipp


Step ONE

as you know, we test everything extensively, especially when it appears NEW on the market. Last season was the long-term TEST of the UNION. I went the whole season with a UNION binding on a Never Summer Swift. A great combination by the way, 100% snowboard surf feeling in ride mode.

But I noticed from the first meter on that I do not run "round" - without climbing aid. At first I was astonished and didn't quite understand it, but bit by bit it dawned on me. The UNION is the only binding on the market that has no counterpart under the heel on the splitboard ski. Consequently, one actually walks without any increase, i.e. climbing aid. I actually missed that first centimetre. For my first tour I just unfolded the climbing aid, that went quite well, because its height is super chosen. At home in the workshop I made a prototype, which provides me with this first centimetre. And lo and behold: perfetto!

After the season, I developed the summer idea further with a friend:
with his 3D printer and the necessary CAD model - which we derived from my prototype and refined further.
The chosen plastic is of course resistant to cold. Of course the UNION can also be used without Step ONE - but then I miss the first important centimetre of this otherwise so good binding.

Step ONE "developer team" ( Simon and Erwin ) at the dune du Pliat ( F ) in summer mode.



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