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Contour Splitboard Fell Mix Hybrid Klebetechnologie
Contour Splitboard Fell Mix Hybrid...
Adhesion technology of the latest generation! The first adhesive technology for climbing skins, which is made of two different layers. The adhesive layer holds the skin reliably to the ski base, is easy to peel off, leaves no residue,...
Content 1 Pair
€174.49 *
Kohla Peak Splitboardfell
Kohla Alpine Peak
Made in Austria, is a fine thing. Kohla from Innsbruck guarantees it. Super splitboard adhesive fur on the house Kohla. We still rely entirely on adhesive skins. The fur strip prefabricated in the shovel area with Cobra admission and an...
Content 1 Pair
€145.24 *
FUNTHOMAS Splitboard wax remover
Thomas Bilgram has been a customer and participant in numerous splitboard camps for many years. At Powder Adventure 2019, he presented us his personally developed wax remover. The advantage of this special wax remover is that it does not...
€9.65 *
G3 Nano-tech
G3 Nano-tech
G3’s Nano-tech Climbing Skin Waterproof Renew spray for at-home application creates a unified, flexible, and environmentally friendly layer that repels water from the skin fabric and prevents icing. Compatible with any nylon or mohair...
€17.50 *
G3 Splitboard+ Skins
G3 Splitboard+ Skins
Modell Grip Nylon Gripp: BEST | Glide: GOOD | Weight: GOOD Modell Glide - 70% Mohair / 30% Nylon: Gripp: GOOD | Glide: BETTER | Weight: BETTER
Content 1 Pair
€193.98 *
contour cleaning spray hybrid
Contour Hybrid Cleaning Spray 150ml
Löst hartnäckige Verschmutzungen der hybrid Kleberschicht wenn Abwaschen allein nicht mehr ausreicht, 150ml Spray, inkl. Reinigungsschwamm.
€19.45 *
Splitboard Wachs SET
Splitboard Wachs für hohe Ansprüche
Das Splitboard Wachs Basic Set jeder kenn es, das Splitboard sollte mal wieder gewachst werden. Mit dem Splitboard Wachs Basic Set, geht das schnell von der Hand und man hat dennoch ein sehr hochwertiges Ergebnis. Dafür sorgen nicht nur...
€14.57 *
Skinny the smart skin bag
Skinny the smart skin bag
Finally, skins can be stowed protected easily and safely. We developed the skinny for splitboards together with Montana. It has a larger diameter than its brother for ski touring skins and is thus perfectly matched to the very wide...
Content 1 Pair
€19.01 *