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SPLITBOARDS for EUROPE - we are the original!

the story of Splitboards Europe is the story of its owner, the mountaineer and snowboarder Simon Graf, in short: mr.splitboards.

Simon was already on one of the first snowboards in Europe in the 1980's, a Burton Cruise 165. This first snowboard is now hanging on a wall in his little hut ( www.huettle.at )
in the mountains of the Montafon. Driven by the desire to go on ski tours with snowboards, the history of Splitboards Europe began in winter 1999/2000, followed by many years of development, setbacks but also constant success.
Splitboards Europe is the biggest Splitboard dealer in Europe, Splitboard Camp provider and organizer of the highest Splitboard Festival at 2.000m.

It all started on the mountain.

Follow us on a short journey through time from the beginning until today:


YEAR Comment PIC
2001 The first preserved picture of one of the first splitboard tours. Simon with his faithful companion, the Husky Lady Arista. You don't go skiing alone - Simon never was - he had Arista. The last big tour for the well-rehearsed duo was a Silvretta tour in 2007 - only Simon and Arista. klein_gr
 2003 First PR in Print Median  klein_pr
 2003 First test camps. In the beginning, the company was called Voile-Europe until 2006 and was managed by Simon and his business partner Gregor.  klein_erst_test
 2003 First test tour through the ski areas. With an old rented motorhome Simon went to the ski resorts to promote splitboards. The success was moderate, because one did not want to trust these 2 divided boards. But it was an important beginning and led to the realization: You can only convince your customers on the mountain. This still applies today and was the foundation stone for the largest splitboard beginner and alpine camp offer in Europe.  klein_prtest
 2004 First 4,000 m, the Nadelhorn 4,327 m First ascent: 16 September 1858  IMAG0076
 2004 First ISPO for Simon with Voile - Europe and own ISPO booth  DSCF0334
 2004 Construction of the Hüttle - today's base for splitboard tours and camps in the Montafon. Development to 100% in own direction.  P5200039
 2004 First professional photo shooting. These images have served as standard product PICs for many years. Rider: Simon | Location: Stubai | Photo: Stefan Eisend  SB0360
 2005 First Beginner Test Camp in Montafon.  P1290234
 2005 First meeting at the Hüttle of the forum community "erstespur". At that time the Splitboard Forum No.1. some friendships from this time reach until today. like for example our Stephan from the team, he was not 16 at that time yet.  P3120080
 2005 Mounting for Burton snowboards. The first years we had the exclusive order to assemble all Burton Splitboards with the Voile Kits.  montage_burton1
 2006 One of the first Splitboard Alpin Camp: Piz Palü and Piz Buin were and still are classics. We have driven the Buin Gap, over 50° steep and can only be guided very rarely. Participants they did not want to drive were roped down.  P1070145
 2006 First Splitboard Festival in Europe, the www.climb-the-mountain.com . Had about 15 participants the first time. Nowadays more than 100 come to the Bielerhöhe. It is fully booked every year and the number of participants is limited.  logo336


Simon becomes sole owner of the new company and his former business partner Gregor founds Arbor Europe. It is the beginning of today's great success. Splitboards Europe no longer sells only 1 brand, but from this year all brands that prove themselves on the mountain and meet the high requirements. At that time there were only 3: Voile, Burton, Venture. The demand for beginner camps was so high that the 2006/2007 season will start for the first time in autumn on glaciers.




2007 BURTON  burton
2007 Venture  venture
2007 VOILE-USA  voile
 2007 Tourim's Innovations Award for Simon with his Splitboards in Vorarlberg, the land of pioneers.  VT-JHV-07Preistr-g13
 2007 Simon begins a series of climbs to the highest mountains in Europe. Switzerland starts with the DOM 4.545m. To this day he has climbed all except the one of Spain, the Teide, which still stands to this day. But Tenneriffa is always worth a trip.  D_07
2007 Ester importer/dealer of Spark Bindings. Our Volker(Team) establishes the contact. For the 10th anniversary of the company Spark Simon gets a Limited Edition Surge. Only 10 of them were produced worldwide.  spark
 2008 The Pole. Simon starts his own production with Splitboards Europe. His friend and architect Oliver Hill (has also planned the Hüttle) actively support him. Oliver Hill also designed the new Splitboards Europe logo. With The Pole - a new touring ski pole, the two are nominated for the Brand New Awards and exhibit at the ISPO. It was an incredibly important step to bring your own product from design to sales. From this experience and the business contacts from this time, Splitboards Europe provoked until today.  pole-ispopole-02
2008 PRIOR europe  Logo_Prior_EU_SW
 2008 PIZ Palü Promotion. Simon takes a standard Burton Beach Flag to the summit of a 4,000m camp. It is not known to this day whether a flag of this size has ever flown on a 4,000m peak. The actual owner of the flag, Jake Burton Carrpenter, is happy about it - but can't resist the comment: "and where is the action?" There are mountaineers and snowboarders - splitboarders are both.  Gipfel_IGipgel_II
2011 Cooperation with the DAV Section Munich. Since 2011 Splitboards Europe is cooperation partner of the DAV section Munich. This includes equipment rental and tour guidance for split boards. Simon (ski tour guide DAV) leads ski mountaineering courses with split board exclusively for the touring section. These courses can be found under Test+Camps -> DAV Training Camps.  dav_muc
2011 ARBOR  arbor_new_logo
2011 KARAKORAM  karakoram
2012 JONES  logo_jones_newt1aSQsfYGbNzv
 2012 Splitboards Europe moves into new rooms of its own. From Munich to Rosenheim/Stephanskirchen. In Munich the 180 sqm became too small, so that one was looking for a new, larger residential and commercial building. Both under one roof are not always easy - but it is enormously efficient and economical. On request, you can also come by the camp and be bartended on the spot.  splitboards_neueraume2
2012 VÖLKL  v-lkl
2014 Rossignol/PLUM  rossignolabout_pictures_2008
2014 SP United  SP_logo
 2015 First movie from a public TV station, the mdr - about splitboard and especially about Mr.splitboard. Our wife for marketing and sales, Eliane. With her PR work she has made a decisive contribution to the great success of Splitboards Euope. In winter she is a permanent member of the team and also works on the phone as well as for our Splitboard Festival - in short: CTM.  DSCN0043DSCN0062
2016 UNION  index
2017 Never Summer  never-summer-logoSCaotwCedUoVR
2017 PATHRON  pathron_logo
 2017 Radio 7 does an exclusive report about Spltboards and Splitboards Europe. Interview Partner: mr.splitboards  rADIO7-1000x53720171214_122248-1000x750
2018 Romde SDS  LOGO_350_HORIZ
2018 Amplid  logo_amplid
 2018 The CTM 2018 is one of the most successful since its inception in 2006 - with over 100 splitboards. ( Photo CTM 2017)  JE4A0150-1000x667

CTM 2018




We are often asked:
"Are you just an online shop or do you have a real shop?"
The correct answer is:
"Our shop is on the mountain, because only those who test themselves know their way around!"

20 years of Splitboards for Europe, is a long and great success story by people for people who prefer to be in the mountains.

The team of Spliboards Europe and Simon tell you "Thank you for being our customers"!


 In the middle Simon - at the CTM 2018: Between picture 1 and this there are almost 20 years.....

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Loctite 243 Schraubensicherung - mittelfest
Loctite 243 Schraubensicherung - mittelfest
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Der Splitboards Europe Aufkler sollte auf keinem Split fehlen.
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