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Amplid Surf Shuttle Splitboard 22/23

Amplid Surf Shuttle Splitboard 22/23
Amplid Surf Shuttle Splitboard 22/23
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Splitboarders who want a floaty shape and the surfy turning of a Millisurf, but care more... more
Product information "Amplid Surf Shuttle Splitboard 22/23"

Splitboarders who want a floaty shape and the surfy turning of a Millisurf, but care more about bombproof construction than shaving off every last microgram, will shred the backcountry with the new Surf Shuttle.
The Surf Shuttle is built to plow effortlessly through powder, chop and wind crust with a nose a mandrill would be proud of. Our knuckle-sandwich construction is reinforced in areas that could be more easily damaged during splitboarding, while our homegrown Amplid hardware ensures hassle-free connection of the two halves of the board so you can get back in the whiteroom fast.
Thanks to our patented STRATOSPHERIC topsheet, the board stays feather-light on your SKinning tour.


  • Tapered Directional


  • Directional Cruise Camber

Technical Key Features:

  • Floatation Tips
  • Crust Buster Nose
  • Full Carbon Jacket
  • Nano Coating
  • Pre-Cured Impact Pads
  • Powder Pontoon
  • Aero Epoxy
  • BBP Core
  • Sintered 7 HD Base
  • Split Tune
  • Forged Board Hooks
  • Bolted Tip Clips


Length: 153, 161, 157
Processing + construction: Industrially, Wood / fiber glass
The compatible bindings: Spark R&D, SP United, Karakoram, Rossignol/Plum, Voile-USA Light Rail, Voile-USA Speed Rail, Burton/Spark Hitchhiker, Union
Shape + Flex: All Mountain, rather hard
Lengths + wide division: 150cm - 160cm, 161cm - 168cm, ~ 260mm = normal , > 260mm = wide
Construction method / weight: light weight
Sex: Unisex
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overall length (mm) 1530 1570 1610
nose length (mm) 295 295 295
running length (mm) 1080 1120 1160
tail length (mm) 155 155 155
waist width (mm) 252 260 264
underfoot width front (mm) 269 276 281
underfoot width back (mm) 259 257 272
nose width (mm) 300 308 313
tail width (mm) 284 292 297
sidecut depth (mm) 20 20 20.5
sidecut radius (m) 7.4 8 8.4
stance position 10 back 10 back 10 back
nose radius (mm) 800 800 800
tail radius (mm) 800 800 800
ref stance (cm) 54 (50-58) 56 (52-60) 58 (54-62)
camber Dir. Cruise Camber Dir. Cruise Camber Dir. Cruise Camber
approx weight +/-6% (kg) 2.9-3.2 3.4-3.5 3.5-3.6
rider weight-range (kg) 55-80 65-90 75-100
active surface area (cm2) 3856 4230 4410




BBP Core

The lightest wood core money can buy. Weightless Paulownia and Balsa are carefully arranged with stronger Birch to save valuable grams without sacrificing strength. 


Omni Core
A dependable, low density Poplar wood core which is lightweight, durable and has great flex memory. The industry
standard for great performance.


Impact Pads

On the Milligram we have added multidirectional glass pads in the binding area, to avoid dings caused by the pointy corners of metal splitboard binding bases. These pads enhance durability while only adding minimal weight. 

 Full Carbon Jacket

Amplid’s Full Carbon Jacket is the most expensive fiber laminate in Amplid’s arsenal. Carbon’s tensile strength to weight ratio is unbeatable, it allows the use of thinner, almost weightless laminates to achieve the same flex profile. Its responsive and energized feel is unique. 

 Floatation Tips

Ultra wide, low rising tips that exist purely to create lift in powder without sucking-up speed. They add a surfy feel to skis and snowboards. 

Topless Tanga Technology

A partial, hardwearing topsheet material deliberately used in areas where chipping might otherwise occur. This minimalist approach reduces weight for touring. 

Sintered 7HD Base

A premium sintered plastic which readily absorbs wax and will out-run your riding buddies’ bases without breaking a sweat. You better get used to waiting. 

Split Tune

We lightly round the edges at the tip and tail, outside of the effective edge. Blunting these edges reduces chipping to the topsheet during skinning. 

 Bolted Tip Clips

Using threaded bolts instead of rivets allows broken tip clips to be easily replaced, on the hill, without the need for a workshop full of tools. 

 Powder Pontoon

Spanning a snow hole with one split ski at full stride can snap it clean in two. Extra unidirectional carbon stringers along the underside of the core increases bending stiffness, reducing “dishing” in deep snow and increasing breaking resistance. 


A convex nose profile which improves tracking and fluidity in three-dimensional snow. To retain responsiveness the contact points are not lifted.




After the successful 1st Amplid season 18/19, we have expanded the range. I tested a Millisurf and was particularly curious about its ascent characteristics and buoyancy behavior. Because with a maximum of 161, it's not exactly a longboard for powdering. But practice proved it: good edge hold and top powder! It also has a really great feeling on the piste. The Millisurf doesn't turn or carve linearly but dynamically. The first 2 turns feel a little sluggish, but are fun for more! After one descent at the latest, you're in and it's really fun to carve on hard slopes with the Millisurf.

NEW: since 2020, the Millisurf is also available in standard lightweight construction with the name Shuttle at a lower price.

Whether Milli or Shuttle, for me one of the best all-rounders for touring:

short and maneuverable when there is no powder, very good on the ascent
when it has powder it has enough float to deserve its name SURF!



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