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Weston Ridgeline Splitboard 21/22

Weston Ridgeline Splitboard
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€566.60 * €944.33 * (40% Saved)
previously €891.81*

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The ridgeline is inspired by the adaptability of the original 10th Mountain Solid snowboards,... more
Product information "Weston Ridgeline Splitboard 21/22"

The ridgeline is inspired by the adaptability of the original 10th Mountain Solid snowboards, which are able to overcome everything that stands in their way. The ridgeline has buoyancy in the powder, offers unyielding edge grip on any terrain, yet has a pliable medium flex to keep you responsive. Featuring a directional multi-radial camber rocker profile, tough topsheet, sintered base, vertical laminate and Tail V Carbon and our Conqueror Wood Core. The ridgeline is built to pull the steepest and biggest lines effortlessly. In the climb it has optimal fur grip, edge grip and lightness of both pointed turns.

  • Conqueror Wood Core
  • Rugged Topsheet 
  • Directional Multi-Radial Camber Rocker 
  • Split Tech 
  • Karakoram Ultra Clips 
  • Boltless Bases
  • Forged Tips 
  • Rooted Inserts 
  • Tip to Tail Carbon 
  • Vertical Carbon 
  • Electra Sintered Base 
  • Tri-Axe Glass 
  • UHMW PE Sidewalls
  • Stitched Tips 
  • 1% For the Planet 


Length: 166w, 158, 162
Processing + construction: Industrially, Wood / fiber glass
The compatible bindings: Spark R&D, SP United, Karakoram, Rossignol/Plum, Voile-USA Light Rail, Voile-USA Speed Rail, Burton/Spark Hitchhiker, Union
Shape + Flex: All Mountain, well-balanced
Lengths + wide division: 150cm - 160cm, 161cm - 168cm, < 260mm = small, ~ 260mm = normal , > 260mm = wide
Construction method / weight: light weight
Sex: Men
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22 Mar 2022

Top Beratung

Top Board , Top Beratung. Kannte die Marke Anfangs nicht wurde mir aber in einem persönlichen Beratungsgespräch mit Mr.Splitboard auf meine Vorlieben/ Fähigkeiten empfohlen. Es fährt sich noch besser als mein Solid Board , bin mehr als zufrieden.
Aufstieg klappt top, Abfahrt ein Traum.

5 Feb 2022

Traumhaftes Fahrgefühl

Wurde mir von der Splitboards eu Beratung empfohlen, nun seit ca. 20 Touren im Einsatz und restlos zufrieden. Ich bin bisher nur mit normalen Snowboards gefahren, dies ist mein erstes Splitboard daher habe ich mich auf ein schlechteres Fahrgefühl eingestellt, wurde allerdings positiv überrascht. Im Vergleich zu Tourenski natürlich breiter, habe die 166w Ausführung, aber trotzdem erstaunlich leicht.

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Board Weight kg 3,2 kg 3,4 kg 3,5 kg
Effektive Edge (cm) 122 125 128
Tip Lenght(cm) 19,5 20 20,5
Tail Lenght (cm) 16,5 17 17,5
Tip Width (cm) 30,4 31 32,7
Waist (cm) 25,6 26,2 27,6
Tail Width (cm) 29,5 30,1 31,8
Sidcut (m) 9.9 | 8 | 7.7 | 9 10 | 8.1 | 7.8 | 9.1 10.2 | 8.3 | 8.0 | 9.3
Taper (mm) 9 9 9
Setback (mm) 20 20 20


Terrain: Freeride, All-Mountain

Snowboarder Ability Level: Advanced

Splitboard Rocker Type: Camber-Rocker

Splitboard Shape: Directional

Splitboard Flex: Medium-Stiff


  • Conqueror Wood Core - This is our big mountain splitboard core with paulownia, poplar, bamboo, and vertical laminates of carbon to provide weight savings, response, dampening and durability.
  • Rugged Topsheet - Polymide is eco-friendly and made from castor beans. The topsheet is durable and resistant to scratches and scuffs.
  • Directional Multi-Radial Camber Rocker - A gradual increase from the nose to a more aggressive camber radius in the tail provides better pop/dampening on drops and control on bigger lines while reverse camber in the tip and tail help to keep you afloat.
  • Split Tech - We don’t skimp on our splitboards. You’ll see a full inner metal edge, complete with sidewall and dampening tape. Also, when facing a kickturn on a steep slope, you want all the help you can get - that’s why we balance our splitboards so that they are tail heavy.
  • Karakoram Ultra Clips - Ultra Clips deliver unmatched compression between board halves and they are adjustable so you can maintain even compression as your splitboard ages.
  • Boltless Bases - By using fine threaded bolts we were able to provide a smooth finish to our bases for easier tuning and greater speed.
  • Forged Tips - Stainless steel metal tip and tail pieces protect from damage and increase durability.
  • Rooted Inserts - Just like roots help keep a plant grounded, flax reinforcement in areas of the core help increase strength and durability.
  • Tip to Tail Carbon - Carbon fiber runs through the entire core from tip to tail to provide added pop and response.
  • Vertical Carbon - Carbon is laminated between wood stringers to provide added pop and strength.
  • Electra Sintered Base - Carbon additives distribute static friction across the base, creating a more even film of water to glide on and our fastest base.
  • Tri-Axe Glass - Multi-axis, stitched fiberglass laminate that offers a precise and responsive ride in any terrain or snow conditions.
  • UHMW PE Sidewalls - Highly durable sidewall that protects the splitboard's core from impact and increases torsional stability.
  • Stitched Tips - Our tip and tail spacers are stitched to the core to provide added durability.
  • 1% For the Planet - 1% of our total sales goes to offset our carbon footprint and donate substantially to the National Forest Foundation.



We are contacted every season by about 3-5 companies if we would like to sell their split boards. If one company makes it to the test on the mountain, then Simon contacts the team. It will then be clarified who has time to test and when. It wasn't until I was on the mountain that I realized what great material Weston had.
"Hey, why didn't we meet them before!" That was my feedback.

Driving feeling:
It's because of the mixture of the Multi-Radial Camber Rocker, because it doesn't have 1 radius, but 3 radii, and the proportion of camber <-> rocker. These sizes, paired with the flex, are a lot of adjusting screws for a perfect riding feeling
all of which must be set correctly. What makes it so easy for you as a customer? Just drive and either super or just goes like this...In that case : SUPER!

Ascent / edge hold:
As this is an all-mountain shape, with a moderate radius and good flex, the edge hold is correspondingly very good.

Price / performance:
Very balanced and highly recommended.

Really the new discovery of the 19/20 season. I tested the 10th Mountain with a Spark Surge on numerous camps and tours.



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