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Arva NEO BT Pro

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  • SW101010a
100% Made in France. Thanks to its wide search strip width and improved features, the NEO Pro... more
Product information "Arva NEO BT Pro"

100% Made in France. Thanks to its wide search strip width and improved features, the NEO Pro avalanche transceiver is the ideal compromise for regular users and mountain guides.

The NEO BT Pro is a new evolution of the NEO series with even better performance and more features. Already with the NEO+ and the Neo Pro, a new stage in terms of search performance has been reached. Thanks to a new hardware base and an optimization of the software, the search strip width has been increased to 80 m for the NEO devices. The new version is also equipped with a motion sensor for automatic return to transmit mode and features a new type of carrying system that allows the device to be worn even in search mode. The system ensures a secure hold of the device when worn and includes a special concept for protecting the activation button to increase the level of safety in transmit mode. The NEO BT PRO is the new top model of the ARVA brand. It has all the "expert" features that are essential for professional rescue.


The search strip width corresponds to the width of the area "scanned" by the device in search mode. The larger the search strip width, the larger the search area covered by the device. It is often used to compare the performance of different devices.

FEATURES 80 m search bandwidth

  • Bluetooth technology for connection with the ARVA app
  • Analog mode with automatic calibration management
  • Scroll function that allows you to select the victim you are looking for
  • GROUP CHECK mode including transmit frequency control
  • Marking function to identify already located victims
  • Display of 4 victims with indication "+" beyond 4 victims
  • Device with 3 antennas to improve detection chances in signal search and precision in fine search
  • Digital signal processing allows efficient guidance to the burial area
  • Autotest mode that allows the device to diagnose the correct operation of its main functions
  • Backlit screen for optimal contrast in all lighting conditions
  • Automatic return to transmission mode through motion detection in the event of over avalanche
  • Dynamic interference management that allows the user to adjust his search method in a disturbed area
  • Turnaround alarm to guide the rescuer in the right direction
  • Standby mode that allows the user not to switch off his device during the shoveling phase
  • Autonomy in transmission mode: 350 h with alkaline batteries / 450 h with lithium batteries
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who knows me, knows, that I sell exclusively PIEPS LVS for many years. This has nothing to do with the fact that I am a special friend of the company - but because PIEPS started small about 15 years ago. At that time they were simply far superior to the current "top dog" Ortovox, but very few on the market knew that.

Since then I invest a lot of time every year to test new LVS products. During the season or also in own test rows in the summer months.


Often other LVS devices are worse than PIEPS or max. similarly good. The ARVA NEO+ in the season 18/19 noticed that the participants of my camps or splitboard courses found it remarkably easy to use the device intuitively. Often participants had outdated devices of their own, with which they didn't get a good search result. The ARVA NEO+ always produced good to very good results. In a direct comparison of devices, the ARVA NEO+ was usually even ahead in terms of range.

Reason enough to expand my range to include the French manufacturer from Annecy.

In addition comes still 100% Made in France! Not even the company Pieps, which produces in Asia, manages that.

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