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Content: 4 Pieces

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For all motorcycle riders, Voile Straps are indispensable companions. These versatile straps... more
Product information "Strap-Set-Motorrad"

For all motorcycle riders, Voile Straps are indispensable companions. These versatile straps offer a simple and reliable way to securely fasten equipment and items to the motorcycle, whether for short rides in the city or extended adventures on the road. Voile straps were originally invented in the USA over 30 years ago to tie skis together. However, they are not only useful for skiers, but are also an extremely practical accessory for motorcyclists.

SET Scope of delivery 4 pcs. (orange) 4 pcs. (black) 6 pcs. (orange) 6 pcs. (black)
Alu 15 (38cm)        
Alu 20 (51cm)        
Alu 25 (63cm)        
Alu XL 22 (56cm)        
Alu XL 32 (81cm)        
Nylon 12 (31cm)        
Nylon 15 (38cm)        
Nylon 20 (51cm)        
Nylon 25 (63cm)        1 pcs.
Nylon 32 (81cm)      1 pcs.  
Nano 6 (15cm)        
Nano 9 (23cm)  1 pcs.   1 pcs.   
Nano 12 (31cm)        
Nano 16 (41cm) 1 pcs.      1 pcs. 
Bike Tube (8cm)   1 pcs.     1 pcs.
Rack Strap 10mm  ( 1 pcs.)    ( 1 pcs.)   
Rack Strap 13mm   ( 1 pcs.)     ( 1 pcs.)

Product Features:

  • Luggage or whatever you need can be attached to the motorcycle
  • ultra light
  • Very high durability
  • remarkable strength
  • Extremely impact resistant
  • Extremely durable


A Voile Strap is ideal for attaching items such as tent rolls, sleeping bags, extra clothing or tool bags to the motorcycle. Their elasticity and strength allow them to securely hold various shapes and sizes without slipping or coming loose while riding.

The durability of Voile Straps makes them perfect for the rigors of motorcycling. Whether you're riding over bumpy roads, through rain and wind, or on long distance adventures, your Voile Strap will keep your gear secure and in place.

What's more, Voile Straps are extremely convenient and easy to use. Unlike complicated straps or cords, they don't require complicated attachment techniques - just attach, tighten and ride. Their versatility also allows you to use them for a variety of purposes, such as bundling cables and lines, securing helmets, or repairing equipment on the go.

We offer Voile Straps in a variety of lengths and colors. The straps are available with nylon or aluminum clips, with no difference in strength. On motorcycles, we find the nylon clip straps very advantageous as they are a little gentler on the frame and bag fabrics.

The XL version of the famous Voile strap for heavy use! 20% thicker and 20% wider. Voile straps are made of strong but flexible stretch polyurethane with a hardened aluminum buckle.

All in all, a Voile Strap is an essential accessory for any motorcyclist who wants to keep their gear safe and organized. Compact, lightweight and extremely useful, it provides a simple solution to the challenges of motorcycling and helps keep your rides smooth and stress-free. Next time you get on your bike, make sure you have a Voile Strap with you - it could be your best friend on the road!

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