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For outdoor sports enthusiasts, Voile Straps are an essential accessory that offer a simple... more
Product information "Strap-Set-Universal"

For outdoor sports enthusiasts, Voile Straps are an essential accessory that offer a simple and versatile solution to securely attach and organize gear. Whether you're hiking, sailing, stand up paddling or a variety of other outdoor activities, Voile Straps can facilitate and optimize your adventures.

One advantage of Voile Straps for outdoor athletes is their lightness and compactness. They take up very little space in your equipment and can be used quickly and easily when needed. Their ease of use makes them an essential accessory for any outdoor activity.

SET Scope of delivery 4 pcs. (orange) 4 pcs. (black) 6 pcs. (orange) 6 pcs. (black)
Alu 15 (38cm)   1 pcs.    1 pcs. 
Alu 20 (51cm)   1 pcs.    1 pcs. 
Alu 25 (63cm)   1 pcs.    1 pcs. 
Alu XL 22 (56cm)        
Alu XL 32 (81cm)   1 pcs.    2 pcs. 
Nylon 12 (31cm)        
Nylon 15 (38cm)        
Nylon 20 (51cm)        
Nylon 25 (63cm)        
Nylon 32 (81cm)        
Nano 6 (15cm)        1 pcs.
Nano 9 (23cm)        
Nano 12 (31cm)        
Nano 16 (41cm)        
Bike Tube (8cm)        
Rack Strap 10mm         
Rack Strap 13mm        


Product features:

  • Non-reflective: More discreet than the standard aluminum buckle.
  • Non-conductive: The preferred choice for electricians.
  • Non-slip: The textured "rubber" strap provides grip and prevents slippage.
  • Holds firmly: The strap is semi-elastic and creates a tension that holds objects firmly in place.
  • Super strong: Withstands heavy loads under dynamic force.
  • Non-damaging: Prevents scratches to protect delicate surfaces.
  • UV resistant: Withstands prolonged use in direct sunlight.
  • Works in extreme weather: Immune to atmospheric heat and freezing temperatures.
  • Daisy-chain connection: Can be connected to other belts to create longer operating lengths.
  • Proven: The original polyurethane tensioning strap, developed in Utah, USA in 1984

A Voile Strap is extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. When hiking, they can be used to attach hiking poles to a rucksack or to secure additional clothing and provisions. When sailing, they can be used to tie ropes and securely fasten equipment. Attach your paddle during a break while stand up paddling.

The elasticity and durability of Voile Straps make them particularly suitable for use in outdoor sports. They can adapt to different objects and provide a reliable fixation, even in challenging environments or extreme weather conditions. This allows you to concentrate fully on your adventure without having to worry about loose equipment slipping around or getting lost.

These straps work better than tape in cold and wet conditions! And they leave no sticky residue. These robust helpers can also be used for emergency repairs on the go. Unlike duct tape or cable ties, the Voile Straps are reusable.

Once fixed in place, the Voile Strap will withstand the strain and hold your equipment securely.

We offer Voile Straps in various lengths and colors. The clips are available in nylon or hardened aluminum, with no difference in strength. The straps are made of robust but stretchy stretch polyurethane

The XL version of the well-known Voile Straps for heavy-duty use! 20% thicker and 20% wider

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