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Never Summer Swift Splitboard

Never Summer Swift Splitboard 20/21
Never Summer Swift Splitboard 20/21
Never Summer Swift Splitboard 20/21
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previously €944.33*

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Swift Split Floatatious / Carve Type: Seductive Now you can have the tightest tree surfing,... more
Product information "Never Summer Swift Splitboard"

Swift Split Floatatious / Carve Type: Seductive

Now you can have the tightest tree surfing, chunder busting, face shot getting, ass kicking board with the ability to pioneer and access backcountry zones oyu've only dreamed of. Introducing the new Swift Split. Featuring our new Fusion Rocker Camber Profile with early rise nose and tapered swallow tail keeps you on top of the deepest fluff or the heaviest spring dumps. Combine this with the stability of massive Carbon X in the mi-section and Vario Power Grip Sidecut, the Swift Split will mow through anything in its path, including the competition. 

Swift Splitboard Shape



Introducing Fusion RC. We put the edge gripping hold, the snap out of turns, and the huge pop of Ripsaw RC in the back and combined it with the float and surfy feel of Original RC in the front.
Fusion is here to bring back the fun and fluidity that will make snowboarding dynamic again.


Length: 162, 167, 157
Processing + construction: Handmade, Wood / fiber glass, Wood / Carbon
The compatible bindings: Spark R&D, SP United, Karakoram, Rossignol/Plum, Voile-USA Light Rail, Voile-USA Speed Rail, Burton/Spark Hitchhiker, Union
Sex: Men
Shape + Flex: Big Mountain, well-balanced
Lengths + wide division: 150cm - 160cm, 161cm - 168cm, ~ 260mm = normal
Construction method / weight: light weight
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13 Mar 2019

Klasse Brett. Fahre selber gerne lange Bretter. Durch das interessante Tail kann das Board insgesamt kürzer ausfallen bei gleicher spielerischer Eigenschaft. Würde es wieder kaufen.

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Size* Waist Edge Sidecut** Tip / Tail Taper Surface Area cm²
157 26.0 117 Vario 800 31.7/29.7 20 4232
162 26.3 121 Vario 832 31.9/29.9 20 4394
167 26.4 125 Vario 870 32.0/30.0 20 4555




With Splitboards Europe since 2017/2018!

Building splitboards is not easy. This process of development has also been carried out by the snowboard forge Never Summer.
Because if you really want to convert your solid shape 1:1 as a split, you need a change or two in the finishing touches. So it's not surprising,
Never Summer has completely revised its Splitboard range and starts with the season 17/18 with new or revised shapes in the Splitboard range. The new representative for Never Summer in DE, Michael, has drawn our attention to the new shapes. Who knows us knows that we only sell what makes sense and above all 100% driving pleasure.
A shape must receive an average grade of at least 2 in various tests.
Never Summer passed this test in spring 2017 with flying colours and has been added to our range!

The 2017/18 season was a complete success!


As often, the shapen with the different. Rocker elements a very complex thing. If you look at the shapes of Never Summer, you get almost dizzy, how audacious and brave the guys build it. The good thing about it: You don't have to understand why it works the way it does. It still applies: Stand on it and drive. Topp or Flopp.

And now the bad news, the high-priced Never Summer splitboards ride top. I had the Swift 17/18 in too small for me as a tester in the Montafon and I didn't even have to compensate that it was too small for my taste. The Never Summer patented Rocker CamberDesign delivers 100% what it promises. Super easy to turn without loss of control - the edges bite as desired.

Conclusion of our Test Camp participants: Once you are infected by the Never Summer Shape virus, you will have a hard time getting rid of it. 99,9% of the participants who drove the Shape confirm that it is in a class of its own.

Whom the high price does not deter - TIP TOPP!



Video Company
Video 3 VS 2 Technology
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