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Voilé Speed Rail Women Splitboard Binding

€399.00 *
Content: 1 Pair

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  • SW10288
  • 3 years spare parts for free
The Voile Speed Rail Binding retains the simplicity and durability that you expect, and then... more
Product information "Voilé Speed Rail Women Splitboard Binding"

The Voile Speed Rail Binding retains the simplicity and durability that you expect, and then ups the ante. NEW as LIGHT SPEED

Modell Standard Modell Light Speed with Locking
Touring-Bracket_540x540 locking

Those who are averse to fiddling with slider-pins can rest easy. Upward-facing, totally-bomber hooks create the fore ends of the slider track’s 7075-T6 aluminum rails. In touring mode, these hooks grip around a full-width solid axle, now featuring reinforced brass bushings for a more reliable free-pivot action while climbing. When you're ready to ride, simply slide everything across some Voilé pucks and clamp down the rear latch plate.

It couldn’t be easier to transform your stance from tour mode into a perfect forward lean with the all-new Ride-N-Stride Highback. Tilting the Highback forward and pressing on the bottom half of the lean block secures it over the heel cup, locking it into the forward angle of your choosing. When you’re back on the skin track, simply pressing on the upper portion of the lean block allows you to sink the Highback for an additional <25° of movement.

And in situations where a splitboarder needs better control and maneuverability of their individual board halves, the all-new Heel Lockdown slides in for the win. While traversing ridgelines, sidestepping, or when cruising rolling terrain to the next ascent, the Heel Lockdown does just what its name suggests.

Expect the same 6061-T6 baseplate, easy puck access, fully-adjustable heel cup, and other bomber features of past bindings, but in a fully featured and more rider friendly package.

  • Dual Climbing Heels 
  • Heel Lockdown 
  • Speed Rail Touring Bracket 
  • Ride-N-Stride Highback  


Interface compl.
 1,49 kg size:S   0,60 kg  PUCK  110 €


 nec. Equipment
Heel Locker Solid
 399 € / 429 € Pucks (65 - 85 €)   ✓  0 € incl.  ✓ 105 €
⚒⛄ ☄↝ Crampons
 ✪✪✪  ✪✪  soft/hard  loose / fix = both
Construction method / weight: light weight
Rebuilding technology: without split pin / on PUCKS
Crampon mode: beides möglich
Binding-size: XS/S EU <= 41
Sex: Women
Construction: Freeride
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Customer evaluation for "Voilé Speed Rail Women Splitboard Binding"
27 Jan 2020

sehr gute Preis/Leistung

Sehr einfach zu bedienende Bindung vergleichbar mit der Sparc Arc aber etwas günstiger!.
Die Straps sind etwas breiter als bei der Arc und sehr angenehm beim fahren. Generell super Fahrgefühl! nur die Neigung des Highback muss man mit einer Schraube verstellen ist aber auch kein Problem.

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Size Small Medium
Color Purple Purple
Boot Size EU <= 41  EU > 41
Weight(lbs/kg)/Pair 4 lbs/1.9kg 4 lbs/1.9kg
Part Number 1131-69-WSP 1131-69-WMP
Base Plate Material 6061-T6 Tempered 6061-T6 Tempered
Rail Material 6061-T6 Tempered 6061-T6 Tempered


The Speedrail has proven itself since the winter of 16/17. The mechanism is reliable, the handling is as easy as usual and it replaces the Speed Rail, because too many people found the cotter pin annoying. In winter 20/21 it will be updated to the Light Speed version. It is the same binding, but the touring bracket as axle is replaced by a locking mechanism.

I think the Speed Rail or Light Speed binding has not received much attention over the last years. It is a cheap and full-value alternative to a Spark binding. In the Light Speed version with the Locking even the handling is 1:1.


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