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Karakoram Prime Nomad

€828.78 *
Content: 1 Pair

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This product will be released at 15 October 2022


  • SW10323.1
  • 3 Jahre Ersatzteile GRATIS
  Karakoram, known for innovative splitboard bindings, introduces the PRIME SYSTEM -... more
Product information "Karakoram Prime Nomad"


Karakoram, known for innovative splitboard bindings, introduces the PRIME SYSTEM - for responsive and efficient splitboarding, which many have dreamed of so far. Karakoram PRIME SYSTEM stands as a statement for brand philosophy to become better and better!

Building on the strength of the Active Joining Technology already used in the Split30 model, the Karakoram PRIME SYSTEM takes board connection strength and riding stability to a new level. Power-Link and Tour-Step make the conversion even faster. Karakoram Flip-Speed Riser with Heel-Lock (heel lock) and Ride-Stride pattern bring even more efficiency to touring.

If you do real hard work during the ascent, then you finally want a cool descent as a reward! And not have to make any compromises? You want your splitboard to ride as you know it from your normal snowboard - you want the SOLID RIDE!

- no play in the components for the ultimate "solid board" performance
- 4 wide, tensioning contact points for direct power transmission to the edge
- Angle from -30° to +30°.

FLIP-SPEED RISER with heel lock
Go Wireless
We've all had that: fiddling with the climbing aids in the steep section, trying to set them up with the stick handle. The solution is here: The new Karakoram FLIP SPEED risers allow you to activate the climbing aids with the stick plate. It's quick and easy. During the ascent. It's that simple! The wider platform gives more edge grip, and the heel lock - the heel lock - is perfect for skating easily over long flat sections.

- Activation with the stick plate, easy and simple
- dual height adjustment
- heel lock

Karakoram Flex-Lock ( more side supports on ascent)
Promises more lateral support. The principle is not new and is granted, for example, by the Strappy Strap at Spark. Flex-Lock ( VK 69.99 EUR ) is an accessories.

 Scope of delivery: complete ( without crampons)


komplett ( ohne Harscheisen ) inkl. Flex-Lock



Interface compl.
 1,82 kg size: M   0,75 kg  mechanic.  119 €


 nec. Equipment
Heel Locker Solid
 789 €  ✖ all incl.  ✓ 0 € incl.  ✓ 80 € 
⚒⛄ ☄↝ Crampons
 ✪  ✪✪  hard / direct      fix
Binding-size: M, L
Construction method / weight: light weight
Rebuilding technology: without split pin / mechanically
Crampon mode: fixes on binding
Sex: Men
Construction: Freeride-Direct
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