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Burton Hitchhiker Splitboard Binding

This product is currently not available.
€482.14 *
Content: 1 Pair

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Comfortable on the up, capable on the down. Get in the fast lane with splitboarding’s most... more
Product information "Burton Hitchhiker Splitboard Binding"

Comfortable on the up, capable on the down. Get in the fast lane with splitboarding’s most dialed and reliable binding.

The most comfortable splitboard binding from Spark, produced for Burton.

It will be ten miles from civilization when you truly appreciate the premium comfort, strength, and proven performance of this Burton x Spark R&D brainchild. A revolution in splitboard-specific performance, the Burton Hitchhiker binding pairs the easiness of Spark R&D’s Tesla T1 System baseplate with exclusive features like the Hammockstrap™ and Supergrip Capstrap™, both featuring the speed and strength of Double Take buckles. Topped off with an exclusive hi-back featuring skintrack-friendly negative Forward Lean options, this is the best possible solution for ruling the ups and downs of backcountry touring. 



Interface compl.
 1,59 kg size:M   0,45 kg  PUCK  109 €


 nec. Equipment
Heel Locker Solid
 459,00 € Pucks (65 - 85 €)   ✓  39 €  ✓ 105 €
⚒⛄ ☄↝ Crampons
 ✪✪✪  ✪✪  soft/hard  loose


Construction method / weight: light weight
Rebuilding technology: without split pin / on PUCKS
Crampon mode: not fixes on binding
Binding-size: XS(<40), S(38-41), L(43 +), M(41-43)
Sex: Women, Men, Unisex
Construction: Freeride-Direct
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1 Feb 2019


Hier weiss man, was man bekommt. Schön leicht, superschneller & simpler Wechsel von HikeToRide und umgekehrt, hochwertige Materialien und Verarbeitung, grandiose Straps, sehr gutes Feedback beim Hoch und Runter. Hier hat Burton mit der Zusammenarbeit mit Spark einen Volltreffer gelandet. Auch auf einem Solid richtig stark.

19 Dec 2017

BURTON Hitchhiker

Petit feedback sur la fixation BURTON Hitchhiker

Envoi sur Paris rapide et gratuit. Le carton marqué "splitboards europe" a été livré avec UPS.

La fixation est moins légére que les sparks classiques mais sont selon moi beaucoup plus comfortable. Le système pour ajuster l'angle du support molet fonctionne particulièrement bien. Le système de fixation sur la board en mode ascension est vraiment très pratique et efficace. La fixation sur la board en mode ride sur les pucks peut etre un peu plus compliqué lorsque les rails sont plein de neige mais en règle général, ca fonctionne super bien.

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Schuhgröße für Herren - 6–8 8–11 10+
Schuhgröße für Damen <=8 5–9 9–11 11+
EURO-Schuhgröße <=40 38–41 41–43 43+
UK-Schuhgröße <=7 7–10 9+
Mondo-Schuhgröße <=24 24–26 26–29 28+




As you can see, we didn't give this binding its own category, that it is a Spark and is produced for Burton at Spark. Spark and Burton have been working together for some time. Spark had obtained ratchets from China in his early beginnings and had fallen on his nose with the quality. So it made sense to purchase this product directly from binding manufacturer No.1. Later, Burton approached Spark with a wish. The hitchhiker is a mixture of arc and surge. It has the light footbed of the Arc but the more comfortable straps of the Surge and Burton. It doesn't really matter whether a Spark or a hitchhiker - because both come from Spark.

Since Spark introduced the Pillow Line Straps on all models, the Hitchhiker is the most comfortable Spark binding on the market.
In particular, Burton's patented TOE CAP Strap of the current model, fits really well.
I find the slightly higher weight through more comfortable straps is not a problem, as it is only a few grams.

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