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Rossignol XV Splitboard Xavier 24/25

Rossignol XV Splitboard
€891.81 *

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The new model from Xavier De Le Rue has been developed to make you even better at freeriding. It... more
Product information "Rossignol XV Splitboard Xavier 24/25"

The new model from Xavier De Le Rue has been developed to make you even better at freeriding. It has the same shape, inverted flex profile and RadCut as the standard XV model, but features a GreenLightPop wood core for less weight. This splitboard version from Xavier De Le Rue retains the ultimate features of the original so you can tackle the biggest, boldest and most remote backcountry lines. But the ride is much easier.

Explosive pop and stability
The AmpTek Elite Rocker provides explosive pop and stable edges
Maneuverability and grip
RadCut Turn technology allows you to take a relaxed approach at low speeds and rely on edge grip over the entire length at higher speeds
Smooth ride and lightness
GreenLightPop combines light poplar wood veneers with bamboo laminates to reduce weight and ensure smooth carving ability
Power, control and maneuverability
Reverse Super Directional Flex delivers unmatched power, pinpoint control and agile maneuverability for total all-mountain superiority
Freeride power and shock absorption
Our stiffest flex for freeride power and superior shock absorption on any terrain
100% of the wood cores of our Rossignol snowboards come from sustainably harvested forests



Length: 158w, 161w, 165w, 162, 159
Shape + Flex: Big Mountain, rather hard
The compatible bindings: Spark R&D, Karakoram, Rossignol/Plum, Voile-USA Light Rail, Voile-USA Speed Rail, Burton/Spark Hitchhiker, Union
Processing + construction: Industrially, Wood / fiber glass
Lengths + wide division: 150cm - 160cm, 161cm - 168cm, < 260mm = small, ~ 260mm = normal , > 260mm = wide
Sex: Women, Unisex, Men
Construction method / weight: normally
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Length (cm) Weight Radius Waist
158w 3,1 kg 8m 26.5
159 3,1 kg 8m 25,5
161w 3,2 kg 8.8m 26.5
162 3,2 kg 8.4m 25,5
165w 3,3 kg 9.3m 26.5


INTENSITY TECHNOLOGY: The first rocker with preload between the feet has been awarded three times by the American press. It is available in three versions to suit all riding styles. Opt for the AmpTek ELITE with explosive pop with stiff shovels and a soft waist. Enjoy the 40% rocker at the tip and tail to minimize the risk of tipping when kicking in and out and the 60% camber between the feet for pop and stability.

ABS offers the best anti-shock and waterproof properties and is therefore used in our edges and wood cores.

The different flex levels range from very soft (1) to very stiff (9), so you can choose the setting that best suits your ability and riding style. Softer boards are easier to handle, stiffer boards offer more power and stability.

Available in different shapes and weights, fiberglass offers a custom flex setting and torsional stiffness that stabilize the mechanical properties of the core.

REAL-TIME RADIUS: A unique combination of positive or classic tailings between the feet and various negative tailings at the end of the inserts to adjust in real time when the board makes contact with snow at speed and to optimize the turn immediately. The RadCut is available in different versions, all matching the corresponding board: short tails for faster turns, longer tails for smoother turns.

SUPER DIRECTIONAL INVERSE - strong directional flex - extremely stiff under the front foot for optimum traction control and power transfer - stiffer skate for much more stability and liveliness - moderately soft under the back foot for snow contact and handling

GreenLightPop with wood core combines light poplar wood veneers with bamboo laminates to reduce weight and ensure smooth carving ability.




The Xavier de le Rue XV Magtek Splitboard in 167 came onto the splitboard market out of nowhere in 13/14. But Xavier de le Rue is also one of the great snowboarders of our time, so it's no wonder that the XV Magtek has been so successful. It has a bold approach to something new. The flex and shape result in a super dynamic ride. The 167 rides like a 162 – but when climbing, you have the comfort length of a 167 at your feet. Although it has the hardest flex, it doesn't ride blunt and hard – it's just right. Admittedly, the dynamite in this shape is not for everyone – it's too dynamic. But as always, it's a matter of taste.
The shape was revised again for the 2025 season. There is now more choice, especially in the waist with 26.5, and it has also become a little lighter.
If you use it in combination with a Plum or Rossignol binding, you have one of the most aggressive setups on the market.


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